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Advantages of Electromagnetic Metal Forming

Low Energy Consumption

Although very high electrical current is required to generate the high intensity electromagnetic field, the duration of the current is only approximately 50 to 100 micro seconds. Thus, the average energy consumption is low — in most applications, in the area of 2 to 3 KW. Also, since there are no electric motors or mechanical moving members, there is no heat or friction losses.

No Work Piece Surface Damage

Since the forming pressure is produced by an electromagnetic field, there is no physical contact to the work piece. It can therefore be anodized, painted or have any other surface treatment prior to forming without damaging the surface.

Clean Operation

Since the forming pressure is produced by an electromagnetic field, there is no physical contact to the work piece. Therefore, there is no flux or gas required nor any lubricants. Unlike welding, no scale is generated, therefore eliminating sand blasting cleaning operations.

No Spring-Back of Formed Material

During the forming process, which takes place with 50 to 100 micro seconds, the material attains high speed and is in the plasticity state. Consequently , there is no spring back.

Assembling of Dissimilar Metals or Assembling of Metal to Non-Metals

The material to be formed needs to be an electrical conductor such as mild steel, or aluminum. However, the mating part does not have to be an electrical conductor, it can be steel, cast iron, aluminum or, it can even be fiberglass, plastic etc.

Highly Repetitive

The MagnepulsTM / Magneform machine is an electrical system, and the forming pressure is proportional to the stored energy.  Once the system is set up, it is highly repetitive and requires no periodic adjustments as is customary in mechanical processes.

No Skilled Labor Required

Once the MagnepulsTM / Magneform machine is set up, the control panel can be locked. The operating personnel then only needs to push the start buttons on the remote control panel.

Minimal Equipment Maintenance

Since the MagnepulsTM / Magneform machine is an electrical system, it is highly reliable and needs no adjusting as is customary with mechanical machinery.

Intimate Contact Between Assembled Components!

During the 50 to 100 micro-second electromagnetic pressure pulse, the work piece is rapidly accelerated, gaining kinetic energy and reaching plasticity. This results in intimate contact between the work piece and mating part of the assembly. Even if the mating part is irregularly shaped or has excessive tolerances, the work piece will keep moving until it conforms precisely to the mating parts.

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